Fixing furniture at home


Fixing furniture at home

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furniture repair
1. Introduction:
- Are your home furniture furniture damaged and they cause discomfort to the user? Or are you trying to move a furniture to a new location but can not because they are so big, you want to take it apart and reassemble it? Want to find the nearest crew, best price and best quality service? All of these questions will be answered shortly.

2. Human Resources:
- Our woodworking services at home are built and built by skilled carpenters who strive for self-employment without having to go through the intermediary. We are the workers to all regions of the country to tphcm and distributed evenly distributed in all districts of the city, so it is very convenient for customers to call our service. We will come after 30 minutes from the time you call and survey consultants and quotes, for simple jobs the landlord can do yourself to save money we will advise absolutely free of charge for customers.

3. Jobs:
We repair all types of outdoor furniture, the level of damage is heavy or light, all will be repaired by our services in the most professional way.

- Our wood furniture repair service receives design, repair, maintenance and repainting of paint - paint varnishes, oil paintings of all interior and exterior products.

hotline: 0941 356 279 mr

0978 997 459

furniture repair
3A. Wardrobe Repair:
- broken wardrobe hinges difficult to close the drawer door cabinet damaged rail makes it difficult to pull out and close. Wardrobe damaged the foot of the cabinet due to water absorption or contact with wet environment because the cabinets are made of industrial wood, wood, Mdf, O Can, MFC ... met this condition. Cabinets are damaged rotten by termites. In this case we need to handle the rootstock and then repair the cabinet. Our tcm furniture repair service accepts wardrobes in all districts of Ho Chi Minh City from Binh Thanh District, Phu Nhuan District, Thu Duc District, Go Vap District, Tan Binh District, Binh Tan District Phu and repair furniture from District 1 to District 12 because our team of workers live in all districts of the city should be very convenient for travel.

3B. Kitchen Cabinet Repair:
Kitchen cabinets are a place for local items and also a place to wash food, so they often come into contact with wet environment, so if the cabinet is made of bad material is also very vulnerable to damage, especially kitchen cabinet below. Kitchen cabinets are also one of the places where termite damage or damage, so you need to take care of this problem if you do not want your kitchen cabinets damaged. Any damage to the damaged or light weight, we also do with the most appropriate price. In the case of kitchen cabinets located in locations with unfavorable feng shui, not suitable with the age of the landlord and landlord, want to move to new locations to suit their feng shui, then you contact. With our furniture repair service at tphcm we are very professional in this field.

3C. Repair all furniture products:
Our services are also repairing products such as fixing tables and chairs, fixing stair handrails handrails, curved floor planks. Repair broken door frame hinge

- Furniture repair at our hcm home also receive furniture repair in apartments, high class residential areas, industrial parks such as.

- Furniture at Hoang Anh Gia Lai apartment building in District 7, District 2, Hoi An ...

- Repairing furniture in apartment in District 7 such as Sky garder apartment building, My Phu River Park apartment building, apartment building 3, Nam Long residential area, Phu My residential area, Phuoc Kien residential area.

- Repairing furniture in the apartment district 2 such as Can vil, apartment building An Khang, Thao Dien pearl high-end residential Thao Dien,

4. Area of ​​work:
- furniture at home in tphcm city, Thu Duc district

- furniture repair at Binh Thanh District,

- furniture at home, Phu Nhuan district,

- furniture in the house of Go Vap District

- furniture in Tan Binh District

- furniture repair in Binh Phuoc

- furniture in Tan Phat Tan Phong

- furniture in Tan Phu district

- furniture at home in District 1

- furniture at home in tphcm district 2

- furniture at home in tphcm district 3

- furniture at home in tphcm district 4

- furniture at home in District 5

- furniture at home in tphcm district 6

- furniture in District 7

- furniture at home in District 8

- furniture at home in District 9

- furniture at home tphcm district 10

- furniture at home in District 11

- furniture at home in District 12

=> In addition, our service also repairs and repaints all wood products.

- We work 24/24 all day of the week and every service we offer is guaranteed

5. Contact Information:
dc: 127 Independence Q Tan Phu

379 Le Van Luong District 7

280/29 Phan Van Tri Street, Binh Thanh District

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